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מגלשת מים מפיברגלאס NPG-355 (1).jpg

פתרונות אחרים

NPG 555 Agro General use

 Environmentally-friendly paint for direct application on mold, mustiness and fungus; toxin-free

Range of use

Designed for painting interior walls in places with high humidity such as basements, wet rooms, sterile rooms in hospitals, bomb shelters, spa facilities, locker rooms, etc.


Paint directly on the contaminated area. No need for prior use of antibacterial agents. Does not contain or disperse toxins; excellent adhesion; durable, long lasting; contains natural ingredients only.

NPG 355 Asbestos & Fiberglass protector

Acrylic environmentally-friendly water-based paint for painting building facades, painting on new and old mineral surfaces, and restoration of buildings of historic significance.

Range of use

Exterior and interior sprayed plaster walls, mineral plaster, and skim coat; used for renewal and preservation of building and home facades; resistant to extreme climate conditions.


Paint compliant with green building standards, toxin-free, may be applied directly on old sprayed plaster, reduces absorbency to minimum and prevents external liquid entry; improves heat and cold insulation; prevents development of mold and mustiness from external sources of dampness; excellent adhesion.

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