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Ecological Paint Systems

Ecological Paint Systems

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Nanopaint developed its product line using unique technology to give customers looking for high quality protective paints an intelligent, efficient, and ecological solution. Developed for a wide variety of surfaces, the paints are easy to apply, non-toxic, and don’t release toxic vapors, making them suitable for closed rooms, clean
rooms, and use in the food industry.

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To whom it may concern: As part of renovations for ballast tanks by Israel Shipyards, four tanks were painted and tested with water-based paint from Nanopaint. We found that they stood up very well under extremely salty conditions, being exposed to seawater on a daily basis. After a few months’ time, the tanks were opened and examined and revealed positive results. The paint met all the requirements and tests. Surface areas upheld high standards (beyond expectations) and there were no signs of corrosion. The system was easy to apply in comparison to other paints and therefore significantly reduced work time on the tanks. The working environment using the paint was made safe and pleasant because there are no toxic vapors. This experiment was conducted with representatives of both companies to our mutual satisfaction. I recommend this paint (coating system) for all tough corrosion conditions.

Israel Shipyards Ltd.

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