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Covid 19

Anti-Microbial Coatings

NPG 365 Description

A unique and innovative Israeli development that provides a full solution, for virucidal coating which is both eco-friendly and water-based, for various surfaces in the house, hospitals, public facilities, food factories, clean labs and more, to prevent the contamination and spread of infections from contaminated surfaces carrying viruses, bacteria, molds and fungus

The Coronavirus covid 19 has high survivability on different surfaces (up to 4 days on stainless steel), using the antimicrobial Nano Paint's paints can prevent virus and bacteria survivability on the painted surfaces (horizontal and diagonal), and assures that the touch of a person's hand on a painted surface, such as a rail or a hallway wall in a hospital or school, will be free of viral and bacterial infections, thus greatly reducing contamination throughout the space. The company has conducted successful tests in "Milouda & Migal Laboratories" for paint durability according to the Japanese standard for fighting infections in hospitals, standard JIS Z 2801, and ISO 22196. The company conducted 2 durability tests in the Volcani Center, in the viral laboratories headed by Dr. Aviv Dombrovsky. On both tests, the paint completely destroyed the viruses. The paint can be applied on walls, surfaces, facilities and infrastructure of: hospitals, nursing homes, schools, educational institutes, food factories and facilities and public facilities in Israel and the world.

Nano Paint LTD is an Israeli company that develops unique and proven technology for manufacturing an eco-friendly, water-based paint with proven antibacterial, antiviral  (covid 19) – and antifungal (mold) qualities- the paint contains natural materials and minerals that have shown antibacterial and antiviral activity in studies. The paint has a slow-release mechanism and keeps the antimicrobial activity for a long period. The paint is highly durable and highly adhesive even in extreme climate conditions.


The formula only contains natural materials and minerals and does not contain any poisons, solvents or pollutants; the combination of materials in the formula creates an environment impossible to sustain the development of different kinds of viruses, molds, fungus and bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospitals.

Technical Datasheet


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